Badass Exclusive: See A Clip From Behind The Werewolf Transformation Of LATE PHASES

It's a lot of work to make a werewolf look this good.

A few years back, I tasked myself with buying every issue of Fangoria that I didn't already have, carrying a little list of the missing issues with me whenever I went to a con or good comic shop. I finally succeeded a couple years ago, and since then I've (more slowly) been working through the next step: reading all those issues I bought in bulk. I'm nowhere near finished, but whenever I find the time to read those older issues, I'm always both impressed and depressed with how many pages they used to devote to makeup FX work, with articles spanning more than one issue quite often (an issue from 1984 had the THIRD part of a look at Rick Baker's work). And even though you'd think they'd be pic-heavy, they actually spend a lot of time writing about the work in depth, something newer issues never really explore as they have far more movies to cover nowadays and thus nothing lasts more than three or four pages. Of course, the sad fact is that so much of today's horror creature work is done with CGI, and there's absolutely nothing interesting about reading about this process.

The same problem plagues DVDs and Blu-rays, as there are fewer and fewer behind the scenes looks at a monster being created. The process of creating a Transformer or whatever can be interesting because they are so massive and have so much going on, but the same guy sitting at a computer showing how he made a zombie or a werewolf is just kind of depressing to me - why are they paying someone to do something with a computer when it can be created rather easily and look better with a practical appliance? Luckily, the makers of Late Phases: Night of the Lone Wolf agree with me, and the Blu-ray of the film (in stores today) does indeed have a look at some of the hands-on work that went into creating the film's werewolf effects. We have been given an exclusive two-minute peek at designer Robert Kurtzman (the former K of KNB, who has since split off to make his own company called Creature Corps) explaining the process behind one of those FX, in which the werewolf - in the process of transformation - tears off its human skin. You can't exactly watch this and know how to make a werewolf for yourself, but even in two minutes you can see that a lot of work goes into making something that might only be on screen for a couple of seconds, but it'll look damn good when it does. Even if it's only on a subconscious level, the audience will appreciate (and fear) the monster's appearance all the more when it's a practical, flesh and (fake) blood creation as opposed to a swirl of 1s and 0s.

Also, Late Phases is a pretty cool werewolf movie courtesy of Adrián García Bogliano (Here Comes The Devil, Cold Sweat), boasting a strong supporting cast of horror vets including Tom Noonan, Lance Guest (Jimmy!), Rutanya Alda and Larry Fessenden, as well as Nick Damici (Stake Land) in the lead role. It's not as much of a slow-burn as Bogliano's other films (though it's not wall to wall action either), making it a fine place to start if you haven't seen any of his films yet, and even though this is hardly a high bar to clear it's the best werewolf movie since Ginger Snaps 2, so if you're starved for lycanthropic action it should do nicely.