Holy Shit, ZOOLANDER 2 Is Happening For Real

And it comes out next year. 

I always wonder what would have happened to Zoolander if it didn't come out right after 9/11. Was the film the comedy tonic America needed? Or was its tone out of step with the mood of the country in the sober weeks after the World Trade Center fell? I remember at the time feeling like the movie didn't do that well, but looking at the box office the film was profitable. I'm not sure where that impression comes from - maybe it's tied into the fact that a lot of people didn't take the movie very seriously on release, and that it wasn't until home video that Zoolander's genius got truly recognized. 

Over the years we have been told a Zoolander 2 was coming, and it never materialized. Now it's official, and Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announced it by showing up at Paris Fashion Week in costume as Derek Zoolander and Hansel (he's so hot right now). The message: Zoolander 2 opens on February 12, 2016. 

Right now I'm in the glow period - I'm excited for Zoolander 2. In the coming days I'll remember that Anchorman 2 reinforced the rule that comedy sequels almost never work, and I'll get bummed out. But today let me have hope.