New Trailer And Poster For Rock Vs Rocks Showdown: SAN ANDREAS

The death of a building, followed by the death of everything else.

San Andreas (the new poster for which you can see below) tries a different tactic with this new trailer. Instead of going all Armageddon, this one tries to be more Deep Impact. It’s slower, filled with supposed awe and drama, and has Paul Giamatti doomsaying all over the place, something he’s intensely good at.

I’m not falling for this ploy, but I have to admit it makes for a wonderful trailer. The mixture of that kind of heartstring pulling with a big finish which sees the Rock drive a boat directly toward a giant CG wave makes me plenty happy, even though I have little doubt this will be more than a B movie. The question is whether it’s a fun B movie or not. Given all the goofy setups we see here, I’m betting on the fun.

San Andreas, a move about how the world literally splits apart when the Rock jumps out of his truck too hard, comes out May 29. Hopefully it hits before the actual earthquake it predicts, so you West Coast people can see it. If not... God be with you.