Tim Burton Is Directing The Live Action DUMBO

Johnny Depp is shopping for little clown hats as we speak. 

After seeing Disney's upcoming live-action Cinderella I found myself suddenly full of love for the studio's new direction. Kenneth Branagh's movie is so good - just such a good movie- that it renders the previous shitty live action adaptations worthwhile, just to get here. And it also filled me with hope that the studio finally understood how to make these movies work - just make good movies out of the source material, not revisionist nonsense like Maleficent or over-the-top garbage like Alice in Wonderland

And now they've broken my heart in advance: Tim Burton, the 'mastermind' behind that horrible Alice in Wonderland (no shit, one of the worst movies ever made), is directing the live action Dumbo. The live action Dumbo, which has been in the works a while, was always going to be a mess of CGI - how else would they do the flying elephant? - but this just confirms it'll be nothing but a handful of actors on a green screen immersed in video game environments. Also, all the circus stuff is going to be Peak Burton, I'm sure. 

The good news is that the article announcing this doesn't mention Ehren Kruger, the absolute worst writer in Hollywood, who was developing a script. Although honestly, what difference does it make? 

Branagh's movie is a masterpiece of practical locations and costumes, with CGI coming in when needed, but otherwise Cinderella is a human movie with a wonderfully human story at its center. And it's just the story, not some sort of epic fantasy retelling. The new Dumbo, we're warned, will be more than just the classic tale. Disney's Sean Bailey tells the Wall Street Journal:

"It’s a big world,” indicating that the story will be broader than the original tale of a circus elephant with large ears who learns to fly.

Great. I'm sure this news excites someone besides shareholders; I'd love to hear the rationale for looking forward to a Tim Burton special effects movie in the year 2015.