Could Chris Pine Be The Next Green Lantern?

Captain Kirk, space cop.

My pal El Mayimbe posted a little scooplet on his Instagram this week - Chris Pine is in contention for the role of Green Lantern in the burgeoning DC Movieverse. If El Mayimbe felt more solid about this he would have published it on Latino Review, so we have to take this as scuttlebutt. 

Here's hoping the scuttlebutt is wrong. I like Chris Pine - I hope to see him grow into the role of Captain Kirk in his third go-round - but I simply do not want Hal Jordan in the DC movies. I want Jon Stewart, aka 'The Black Green Lantern.' I think this feels like a no-brainer, especially since it's pretty clear that DC doesn't much care about the canon personalities of their characters. After all, The Flash has a Barry Allen who is generally indistinguishable from post-Crisis Wally West, and the version of Oliver Queen on Arrow isn't really like the Ollie from the comics. Hell, the Superman in Man of Steel is very, very unlike the Clark Kent of just about any continuity. This means the movie Jon Stewart wouldn't have to be as much of a downer as the comics version often is (his big story involved him letting a planet blow up and feeling really bad about it). Have him be an artist like Kyle Rayner, maybe. Just don't have him be boring ass test pilot Hal Jordan. 

A black Green Lantern would be a big deal, and it wouldn't be just a race swap. Jon Stewart exists. Having two black people on the Justice League team would be incredible, and it would only be 'pandering' if you think that putting non-white people into things is inherently a phony move. Also, a black Green Lantern means you don't have poor Chris Pine batting clean up on another franchise. He took over Captain Kirk, he took over Jack Ryan... don't make him take over for Ryan Reynolds, for god's sake.