Leon Bridges Sells His Soul In This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

We've got Leon Bridges, ARO and Rafael Castro in this week's music video roundup. 

Fort Worth, Texas: birthplace of Radio Shack and thankfully Leon Bridges, the 25-year-old crooner you’ll hear most often compared to the illustrious Sam Cooke. I’d reach further with hints of Solomon Burke and Otis Redding. And until his debut LP is released later this year, you’ll have to rely on the latter selection of soul to become a perfect placeholder. In the video for “Coming Home,” director Chip Tompkins develops a monochromatic day in the life of the gifted musician, peppered with sweetheart moments liable to give you a toothache.

Hard to believe it’s been almost five years since our misanthropic metalhead anti-hero was born of Spencer Susser’s darkly comedic must-see, Hesher. And it’s a superb surprise to see that he’s been dabbling in music video direction. His most recent effort is alongside Ozzy Osbourne’s more reclusive daughter, Aimée, for her blood-soaked ode to autonomy, “Raining Gold.” It’s condensed, cool and cuts no corners in terms of grisly dismemberment. Just keep that in mind if you’re not interested in eyeballing the literal cost of the project which I believe was roughly an arm and a leg.

In tandem with director/animator Daniel Bruson, Brazilian composer Rafael Castro’s "Ciúme" or “Jealousy” illustrates the age-old relationship killer in an over-the-top, strangely therapeutic and charming way. The cartoon couple’s pathological pangs of blood-thirst bridge the relatable gap between comical, disastrous heights and the hopeful culmination of quiescence. All right, you got me. It’s really only relatable until they swap limbs and go down on themselves, but who’s keeping score?