TOY STORY 4 Gets A Co-Director

John Lasseter to partner up with an excited young buck.

Toy Story 4, which is apparently a love story that doesn’t really continue from the end of Toy Story 3, just got a second director. That is not to say the first director, Pixar head honcho, usual Toy Story head honcho (though he didn’t direct part three), and Hawaiian shirt head honcho John Lasseter is out. He’s just getting some help.

That help is coming in the form of Josh Cooley, head of story on Inside Out and director of a short that will eventually appear on that film’s Blu-ray. For those who need this story to feel more like a motivational poster, Cooley started at Pixar as just a lowly intern. You can do it too!

This gives John Lasseter a bit more office time he can dedicate to Cars sequel ideas and inventing more colorful shirts to wear. While I’m bummed that Pixar has become the kind of studio that puts out a “part four” of anything, the Toy Story series is not without its charms and I hope this new one, co-written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, can find those charms. I also hope it doesn’t make my cry like a baby. I am tired of cartoons that make me cry like a baby.