She’s out! They finally let her out!

American Horror Story and Jessica Lange have had a wonderful relationship. The show gave Lange a new audience, while Lange gave the show some credibility. She got to act her ass off, and the show was like “Hey, don’t hold back. Act even more of that ass off if you can!” For four seasons, AHS fans have been able to rely on the fact that, if nothing else, Jessica Lange was going to show up and go nuts.

But all things come to an end. Lange and AHS are going their separate ways. The actress announced at last night’s PaleyFest panel that she’s all done with AHS, which means she will not show up in new season, Hotel. This has to be a huge bummer for fans, especially when the trade is for Lady Gaga and just announced new cast members Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson.

So there you go. The end of an era. A really weird but interesting era. It's going to be sad watching Lange try to weird it up on projects that aren't so weird-friendly. It's also going to be sad watching AHS try to weird it up without Lange.