Enjoy some of this hair gel as Devin and Amy consider a raunchy movie from the 90s. 

Here's one that I think will yet again test the boundaries of The Canon. I know some of you guys are 'small Canon' voters - you think the Canon should be made up of a handful of greats - while others are more expansive. Amy and I tend to lean more expansive, it seems, and that's where There's Something About Mary comes in. I wasn't expecting to make a case for this movie but, after revisiting it for the first time in a decade, I found myself unable to hold back the glee - yes, this movie belongs in the Canon. It's funny and it's smart and, I was most surprised to find out on this viewing, it's got a lot to say about gender politics. Also, you guys will never vote The Three Stooges into the Canon, so this is going to probably be our Farrelly Brothers film. 

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