Now Apple Is Coming Out With Its Own TV Service

This is starting to get crazy.

Holy smokes. Just after HBO’s announcement of a streaming channel, followed by Showtime’s announcement of the same thing, here comes Apple claiming to have their own streaming service in the works. Cable TV is probably shitting bricks right now.

Apple hasn’t actually announced the service yet, though it plans to this June. But the idea is to watch live streaming TV (along with a library of stuff stored in the Clizz-oud) on Apple products. Who knows, one day you might even be able to watch Lawrence of Arabia on that goofy watch.

Right now, they’re trying to get about 25 channels lined up, mostly the big dogs. There are no absolute details yet, but the service is likely to cost around the $35 dollar range, which, while cheaper than cable, still seems a bit pricey. This is going to have to be one heck of a service. Supposedly, the plan is for it to launch this fall.