Enjoy The Open Yet Successful Manipulation In This MAX Trailer

This looks like the FIELD OF DREAMS of sad dog movies.

There’s no easier way to make a person cry during a movie than by killing the dog. We probably can take that axiom even further and say that the second easiest way to make a person cry during a movie is to show a dog get sad when their person buys the farm. I have a feeling Max will probably utilize both.

As you can see from this sentiment-dripping trailer, Max is the true totally false story of a dog who loves its American soldier in Afghanistan so much that it turns into a crazy asshole dog when he dies. The guy’s family decide to take care of their dog in hopes that their crazy asshole son can take responsibility for him and the two can tame each other. And then, for some reason, it turns into a cute version of First Blood. I’m making a leap or two, but it’s all pretty much there.

Did I cry during this trailer? Mind your own beeswax. Max opens June 26 and the country will fix its drought issues with salty tears.