Statham-less THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED Gets A Hopeful Trailer

Sadly, this seems less homoerotic than usual for the series.

To enjoy The Transporter Refueled, you’re going to have to ask yourself how much you like watching a well-dressed guy with an accent drive cars and kick ass. Does your enjoyment of such pleasures hinge on who’s behind the wheel? If not, this movie might be for you!

In other words, this look quite a bit like a regular old Transporter movie, except there’s no Jason Statham. Instead, we get Game of Thrones’ Ed Skrein. While no Statham, he seems fine enough for me, but I realize some of you might be a bit picky.

As far as Transporter shenanigans go, Skrein’s car does some impressive dumb stuff in this trailer. It gently knocks off part of a fire hydrant, its transmission works, and it even drives itself up into one of those airplane umbilical cord things. Most cars can’t do that.

The Transporter Refueled (I do not like that title) opens June 19. I have a feeling I’ll be the only one there.