This Is Either Your Worst Nightmare Coming True Or A Photo Of The MALLARATS 2 Cast

Actually, it’s both.

I have very little to add to this. Yes, Mallrats 2 appears to be happening soon. And according to this picture, Michael Rooker and Stan Lee are probably coming back. Or all these people are just hanging out for no reason except to flip-off English people.


Actually, here’s what’s really going on in the photo (according to Smith’s Facebook page):

We goin’ back to the MALL, ya’ll! Stan Lee, Jay and Silent Bob and Michael Rooker are making a number 2. Talking about in this picture, not the movie. I’m aiming for the movie to be good. (This pic was taken yesterday, as all four of us gathered to shoot a really adorable Stan-centric spot for Audi that you’ll see online as we get closer to the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.)

I’m going to go have beer.