Tom Cruise Just Hangs Out In Full MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION Trailer

Maybe this is the one where gravity finally catches up with him.

Last night we got a mini-Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer that honestly seemed like plenty of footage. It was exciting, it set up the new story, and it featured lots of Tom Cruise hanging off things.

But now there’s an even bigger trailer for the film. It’s a lot like the previous one except with a bunch more stuff padding it all out. And way more side character moments! I feel like this is starting to become its own Fast and Furious-type accidental universe, and I am 100% into that.

Instead of coming out this winter like originally planned, Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation now comes out July 31, which is way earlier and way more exciting. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see this.