INDEPENDENCE DAY’s Single Most Important Character To Return For Sequel

Vivica A. Fox is back!

Remember when Independence Day came out and everyone was clamoring for a series of films based around Vivica A. Fox’s character? As a single mother who travels around with the First Lady when not stripping or dating Will Smith’s character (who won’t be in the new film), Fox’s Jasmine set the world on fire and supplied the film with its one true breakout character.

When it was announced that Roland Emmerich would be making a sequel, the world was a little suspicious about how it would work without Fox’s involement. "Why even make the film if she’s not coming back?" most people said. Well, we can all put those fears to rest. According to both Emmerich and Fox’s Twitter feeds, she is coming back, and she’s super excited about it.

That’s about all we know now. No one’s saying anything about what Jasmine’s updated life will entail, probably because no one wants to break the Internet. But we’re sure to get more details as production gets closer.