Mike Tyson To Star With A CGI Bruce Lee In IP MAN 3

Donnie Yen is going back to the Ip Man well, and he's bringing Biting Mike with him. 

Donnie Yen's Ip Man and Ip Man 2 are wonderful films, both based on the life of real martial arts legend Ip (sometimes Yip) Man. Based loosely, we should say. But the veracity doesn't matter - what matters is that they're excellent period piece kung fu films with the great star Donnie Yen doing some of this best work. 

There was an Ip Man boom, and Yen's films took a five year break. But now that the competing Ip Man movies have come and gone Yen is returning to the character, and picking up where he left off, with Ip Man taking a young Bruce Lee as his pupil (which really happened). From there stuff gets dicey. 

Ip Man 3 will also star none other than Mike Tyson, who will battle Donnie Yen in the role of a real estate developer who street fights on the side. I'm kind of curious how that ends up looking - Yen is so fluid and graceful while Tyson is a monster of murder. But that isn't even the weirdest thing about Ip Man 3, which has started filming. The weirdest thing is this little nugget buried in a Hollywood Reporter story about Tyson's casting: 

The film producers were unable to find an actor to portray Lee's intensity onscreen so have decided to use computer graphics to recreate the most authentic Lee in the film.

Yes, they're doing a CGI Bruce Lee. I can't imagine it'll be a full CG Lee - maybe just facial replacement? - but it seems bonkers nonetheless. Mike Tyson, Donnie Yen and CGI Bruce Lee in Ip Man 3. This movie cannot get here soon enough.