Rumor: A STAR WARS Live Action TV Show Is In The Works

It's sort of a no-brainer, but a good no-brainer.

There have been rumors of a Star Wars live action TV show for years. George Lucas was working on one before selling Lucasfilm to Disney, and I've heard there are hundreds of scripts written for it. Once Disney took over and Lucasfilm focused on a cohesive shared universe of longform storytelling, a live action TV series became an obvious future project. 

According to Cinelinx (a site with which I'm unfamiliar, but this information rings true and also I like website hits) the live action show is in a holding pattern until the schedule of the movies is completely worked out. Why would that matter? The site says that the plan is to use existing sets, props, etc and to shoot the show between movies. Basically this would make Pinewood Studios a 24/7/365 Star Wars factory. That's kinda neat.

I'm intrigued by what a live action Star Wars show would be. How would it interact with the movies? How could it maintain a level of quality that makes it not embarrassing (something that Agents of SHIELD has been unable to do consistently)? Would a TV show explore other areas of the Star Wars universe we haven't seen yet? I was skeptical of Star Wars Rebels but was won over and think it's basically the best canonical Star Wars thing since Return of the Jedi, so I'm very open to whatever the extraordinary Lucasfilm Story Group is able to come up with here. 

The plan for the George-led Star Wars series was something that explored the dark underbelly of the universe - Hutts and bounty hunters. Is that what you would want in a new show, or would you prefer that the live action Star Wars series tackle something totally new? I'd love a sitcom set in the Star Wars universe, one about a put-upon Moff who comes home to his wife and unruly kids every night and shenanigans ensue. He can have a droid named B8-VER.