The FANTASTIC FOUR Finally Get A Poster

And it's a repurposed image previously released...

I am pro-Fantastic Four! I am hopeful for it! I support the movie until such time as I see it and can have a more informed opinion. In the meantime I accept that this isn't going to be the Fantastic Four movie that Marvel Studios would have made, but it's the Fantastic Four movie I'm getting, so I'll approach it on its own terms. And I think Josh Trank has something to say, and I'm hopeful that his take on the material will be respectful enough to be recognizable while also being unique enough to feel like its own thing. 

But the marketing... this is where Fantastic Four and I part ways. I don't know why this film has been marketed so meekly. Fox sat out a lot of 2014's big geek events. They're not coming to WonderCon with the movie. They waited a long time to give us images and a trailer. And now this poster... which isn't bad, but which is just a riff on a publicity image already released. It would be a good poster image if it came last year, maybe, or at the very least before the first batch of photos! 

To be fair this poster has taken the time to Photoshop the image. The Human Torch now has flame hands, and the Invisible Woman is sort of transparent. So that's something. 

I do wish that Fox marketing could find the angle or the footage or the imagery to really kick this campaign into gear. We'll keep waiting, I guess. 

As for the title treatment: I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you don't get mad about Se7en you can't get mad about F4ntastic