Badass Giveaway: Win THE SOUNDS OF ASTRON-6 Soundtrack By Jeremy Gillespie!

We have three to give away.

Thanks to The Void campaign, we have three digital downloads of the soundtrack to The Sounds of Astron-6, composed by The Void co-director Jeremy Gillespie and compiled from the music of Father's DayManborgThe Editor and more!

Here's the track listing: 

1. The Father's Day Killer (From Father's Day)
2. The Eyes Of Hell (From Father's Day)
3. The Luscious Lynx (From Father's Day)
4. Cool Guys Titles (From Cool Guys)
5. Everybody Have Fun Tonight - ft. Adam Brooks (From Cool Guys)
6. Cool Guys - ft. Matthew Kennedy (From Cool Guys)
7. Endless Summer forever (From Cool Guys)
8. Lazer Warriors (From Lazer Ghosts II)
9. Bio-Cop Theme (From Bio-Cop)
10. Bride of the Guillotine (Sposa della Ghigliottina) (From The Editor)
11. Sex Killer (Sesso Mortale) (From The Editor)
12. Fuchmanus Demonus (From Father's Day / Manborg)

And here's a link to the first track, so you can know exactly how much you'll dig this.

Three winners will be given the digital download at the conclusion of The Void's campaign, in eleven days. All you need to do to enter is email me at [email protected] with the subject line THE VOID GIVEAWAY and answer the following question: what is your favorite horror composer or favorite horror film score? This contest ends Monday, March 30 at 5pm CT.