HANNIBAL Producer Nick Antosca To Pen FRIDAY THE 13th

Maybe! The Michael Bay-produced re-reboot is firming up.

(Never doubt the Internet's ability to mash up scarcely related properties based on a single similar detail. Thanks for finding this picture, Phil.)

Hannibal producer and Believe writer Nick Antosca has reportedly been given the job of shaping up the script for Platinum Dunes' new new vision for Friday the 13th, now set to hit theaters May 13, 2016. This is a total re-start from the 2009 Platinum Dunes Friday the 13th that I really quite liked even though it's probably not cool to say so. 

The new new Friday the 13th will be directed by V/H/S and The Signal's David Bruckner, and is supposed to employ some found footage elements and give us a backstory explanation of Jason's unkillable nature. Let's turn to Brian Collins on the horror desk for why that's a bad idea. Take it away, Brian.