Badass Podcast #43: SPRING Makes Lovable Monsters Of Us All

INSURGENT and the MAGGIE trailer makes monsters of us all as well.

This week Phil and I get all sappy and emotional over Spring, which you should all see, not just because it’s really good but also so you can enjoy Phil and I getting all sappy and emotional over it. Laugh and cry and love and lose with us, friends.

We also discuss the Maggie trailer, something something James Bond, and a wide variety of topics thanks to listener questions. I haven’t heard it yet, but my favorite part based just on memory is when Phil tries to explain Irish soda bread to me. I’m still not sure I understand it fully. Also, my kid shows up at one point to discuss Insurgent.

Next week is still very up in the air topic-wise, but I’m sure we’ll have fun regardless. That’s about the only thing we do well. Please subscribe, rate, review, whatever your heart desires.