Best News: Gillian Flynn And Steve McQueen Are Teaming Up For A Women-Led Heist Thriller

Good lord, YES.

What a great day! Author and Gone Girl screenwriter Gillian Flynn has been hired to co-write a heist thriller directed by 12 Years A Slave's Steve McQueen. The thriller is an adaptation of the 1983 mini-series Widows, by Prime Suspect creator Lynda La Plante. (The Deadline article is unclear with whom Flynn is co-writing. Maybe McQueen himself? Maybe La Plante? That would be cool.)

But the best part is Widows' synopsis: 

Dolly Rawlins, Linda Perelli and Shirley Miller have one thing in common - their husbands are all members of the same gang. After a terrible accident when their husbands are killed attempting to hold up a security van, for each of the women it is time to stop, take stock and start life afresh. When Dolly finds the plans for the robbery and with the women facing life alone, suppose they were to finish what their husbands started and carry out the robbery themselves?

A female-led heist caper written by Gillian Flynn and directed by Steve McQueen? You shouldn't have! I can't accept this; it's too much! The original widows are played by Ann Mitchell, Maureen O'Farrell, Fiona Hendley and Eva Mottley (they evidently enlist the help of a fourth woman along the way), and I'm on fire to see who's cast in the latest version. (There was a 2003 remake starring Brooke Shields and Rosie Perez, as well.) A foursome (of ACTING, you perv) I'd love to see: Rose Byrne, Naomie Harris, Emma Thompson and Salma Hayek.