WALKING DEAD Spinoff Gets A Goofy-Ass Title

People will watch the shit out of this regardless of what it’s called.

So we all know there is going to be a spinoff of The Walking Dead coming soon (this summer, in fact). We know it will star Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens. But until now, we didn’t know what to call it.


Fear the Walking Dead. Now that’s a title. It has the name you know and a command for those who enjoy getting bossed around, or perhaps for those who don’t know better than to be afraid of zombies. I imagine some viewers will get the title confused with the old show, but that’s okay. Those same viewers probably won’t realize they’re watching a different show anyway.

Fear the Walking Dead already has a two season commitment from AMC. It’ll do six episodes this summer, then come back for a longer season next year.