Hugh Jackman To Wolverine: Drop Dead

The actor announces he's playing everybody's favorite mutant only one more time. 

How many times can Hugh Jackman play Wolverine in the movies? We finally have our answer: eight times, assuming he's not in X-Men: Apocalypse. We assume that because Jackman Instragrammed a picture of himself saying he was donning the claws one last time. See for yourself:




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While Apocalypse is getting underway, Wolverine 3 is set for 2017. It's possible that he means "ONE LAST TIME... AFTER APOCALYPSE," but that's a really evocative sentence in his Instagram!

Eight outings is a lot - it beats Roger Moore and Sean Connery in their 007 films, for sure. I'm not certain if eight is the record for playing a character in the modern age, but it feels like it. One that only Marvel Studios will be able to beat that, with actors like Samuel L Jackson locked in for nine pictures. 

What does a post-Jackman franchise even look like? He's been the star of the whole durn thing so far, even if the best movie is the one he's barely in! But now that Fox is spinning off other characters - Deadpool is shooting right now - perhaps they feel this franchise, after the latest trilogy, is finally on good legs. 

I wonder if we'll look at Jackman's last Wolverine as the end of an era. He was there at the very beginning of this new cycle of comic book movies, way back in 2000. Now he's stepping out, almost 20 years after it all started.