A Live-Action MULAN Is Now In The Works

Will it bring honor to us all?

Thanks to the excellent Cinderella and the thus far solid casting and directorial decisions behind the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, the prospect of a live-action Disney remake is no longer dire. So it's nothing but good news that Mulan is the next Disney film to get the live-action treatment. Disney's already bought the script from Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin, with no director tapped as yet.

Mulan represents the best of the Disney princess picture spectrum, to great extent because Mulan isn't a princess. She's a warrior. Mulan's a diverse and feminist film that happens to be for kids, and seventeen years later we haven't done much to surpass it in those areas. A live-action film is primed to do just that - or if it's even nearly as good, it'll still be a feat.

Casting suggestions! FYA's Mandy Wan wisely suggested Ming-Na Wen as Mulan's mother, Fa Li. I think Liu Yi Fei would be great as Mulan herself. But who will play Mushu??