The 1966 BATMAN Is Getting The Animated Movie Treatment

Let this carry you through your Monday like a guardian angel.

We live in glorious times. Not only can you go read a Batman 1966 comic book and buy Batman 1966 toys, but you can even enjoy the show in its entirety, totally remastered on Blu-ray. Your mommy and daddy can’t even believe how lucky you are.

Looks like it gets even better. At the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina, Adam West and Burt Ward announced that they will provide voices for one (maybe even two!) new animated film done in the style of the 1966 TV show. You can see the actual announcement below:

The guys don’t sound exactly same, and most of their support cast is dead, so it won’t be a perfect match in terms of what came before. But if the writing is there, it shouldn’t matter. Adam West is still hilarious no matter what he’s doing, and I definitely saw some of that old dynamic bubble up between him and Ward at Comic-Con.

We can look forward to this to come out on or around the show’s 50th anniversary. Which means sometime in 2016.

(via /Film)