The Canon Episode 20: ALIEN vs ALIENS (Live!)

The first live episode of The Canon includes guest Kumail Nanjiani as we battle over whether ALIEN or ALIENS should be inducted.

A couple of weeks ago The Canon came alive in front of a sold out crowd at the new UCB Sunset theater. It was a dream come true for me, and I think most people in the crowd had a nice time. One thing I really liked about doing a live show: we got to have audience feedback in real time, which yielded some nice moments, like when Charles de Lauzirika, who creates the extra features and behind the scenes docs on Ridley Scott's films (and who put togther the extraordinary Alien Anthology set) chimed in. Kumail Nanjiani, of Silicon Valley and the Indoor Kids podcast (among a zillion other things) was kind enough to be our guest for this first live taping. He nursed his Jameson while Amy and I finished off the pint (it was St. Patrick's Day). 

The topic: Alien vs Aliens, which I think is one of the most contentious debates in all of geekdom. I hope we did it justice, but now that we had our say it's time for you to weigh in by going here to vote

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