Hyperventilate With Excitement At The New MAD MAX FURY ROAD Trailer

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god

No exaggeration: the first Mad Max Fury Road trailer made me tear up with joy. I spent a good hour combing through every frame of that thing last July, and chances are I'm going to do the same again today. There's so much greatness happening here, it's impossible to absorb it in a single viewing: the incredible crowd shots! Immortan Joe's voice! Insanely complicated practical car stunts with eyeball-melting explosions! Giant-ass bruiser with a gatling gun!

Dude playing a flaming electric guitar on top of a truck in the middle of a chase sequence!

You can have your Star Wars, your Jurassic World. You can keep Avengers 2 all for yourself. The only movie that matters to me right now is Mad Max Fury Road, and it's only 45 days away. May 15th, motherfuckers.

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