Legalize High Tea In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Moody Good, Fever the Ghost and Oscar Scheller in this week's music video roundup.

In case you missed A.G. Rojas’ most prime offering to date, Devin gave it a shout-out last week.

Assuming the moniker Moody Good, producer/musician Eddie Jeffreys has taken a solitary (dub)step away from his former UK electronica twopiece 16bit to release an LP on his own this coming June. And while that might all sound like gibberish, the beats are more likely to resonate based on his co-production efforts for Bjork’s Biophilia, namely “Crystalline”. In the Max McCabe-directed offering for the twinkling teaser single “Musicbx,” we follow our protagonist on a farcical journey through London as he scratches a full blown, addict-sized itch for an herbal remedy - however steep the cost.

Until now I thought I reigned supreme with cryptic bios, but phantasmagorical 2D animator Felix Colgrave takes the cake and a slow clap with his: “I am a disembodied head. I animate using a pen shoved in my neck hole. One day, science will be able to graft my head on to a tree, and I'll give up animation to focus on growing walnuts off of my body.” He’s the quintessential match made in cosmic heaven for LA-based psych-pop outfit Fever the Ghost. Their fantastical, wandering collaboration for the equally vibrant track “Source” proves they’re no doubt coasting on the same astral plane. And that the hills, in fact, do have eyes.

Oscar Scheller’s baritone groan harks back to a simpler time, specifically the mid-nineties when every mix tape from a fellow teenage love interest boasted a carefully placed “You Turn Me On” by Beat Happening. In the video for his simply poppy, steadfast single “Daffodil Days,” London’s Laurie Lynch directs and designs dystopian, small-town scenery reminiscent of classics plucked from Harmony Korine’s filmography. At its core you’ll uncover a properly dysfunctional romance that culminates in a seaside seizure. I think this is the new “happy ending.” And I like it.