Tom Hardy’s Signed On For Three More MAD MAX Movies

If enough of us see FURY ROAD, Warner Bros. is prepared to keep the MAD MAX train a-rolling.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. dropped a brand new trailer for George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road, and things got downright religious in response to that footage. Movie Twitter turned into a bunch of people speaking in tongues, and comments sections erupted in rapturous celebrations ("He is risen!"). It was glorious. If I were George Miller or one of the muckety-mucks at Warner Bros., I'd be feeling extremely confident about Fury Road's box office prospects right now.

And it sounds like they are! Last week, it was revealed that Fury Road's been scheduled to screen at this year's Cannes Film Festival, and -- in a new interview running on Esquire -- Tom Hardy's saying that he's signed on for three (!!!) more Mad Max movies, should Fury Road perform as well as everyone hopes it will:

As for the pressure, Hardy says it’s enormous. “I’ve never been more excited and out of my comfort zone.” He’s seen the film, and says it’s “fucking unbelievable”. He’s attached to a further three Mad Max films, though as he says, “Everything’s based on figures and how things are perceived. Inevitably it’s a business.”

And, hey, if it hits big, George Miller's ready for it. After screening the film's first trailer at last year's Comic Con, Miller was already talking up further Mad Max films, saying:

"In order to tell this story, we came up with two others. We’ve written the screenplay of one and the novelization of another, but it’s a very rough novel...We kept working on them while we were working on other things.”

You'll recall that, at one point, Miller was going to make two Mad Max films back-to-back: Mad Max: Fury Road, and Mad Max: Furiosa. It's not entirely clear why that didn't come to pass, but Fury Road's massive budget and the shoot's endless parade of setbacks/delays probably didn't help matters. Oh, well: in the end, it looks like Miller was able to pull it off, and if Fury Road delivers on the promise of those trailers, it's likely Warner Bros. will give him and Hardy another at-bat.

Head on over to Esquire to read the full Tom Hardy interview, where the actor shares a few more interesting thoughts on the filming of Fury Road ("Luckily nobody died").