Japanese Trailer For TOMORROWLAND Might Spoil Some Stuff

Apparently, this film has some sort of connection to Disney.

Man, I love Brad Bird, but I just don’t get Tomorrowland. Part of me feels that it could be because I’ve never been to Disneyworld or Disneyland or Tomorrowland, or Whereverworld. For people with more familiarity with those places, all this Tomorrowland stuff might make sense. I’m lost, though.

I recently got less lost, however, with the release of the film’s latest trailer, which had a lot more plot details and at least looked like a movie instead of a mystery that happened to have George Clooney in it. This Japanese trailer goes even further in that direction.

It also reveals elements that some feel are spoilery. I thought a connection between our world’s Tomorrowland and the utopia this film presents were already implicit, but I guess not. Well, now they’re explicit courtesy of Keegan-Michael Key and Kathryn Hahn.

We also learn that this is a “chosen one” movie and that Tomorrowland is a place where smart people weren’t stifled by a world filled with mediocrity and compromise. Good. Get those assholes out of here. They suck at drinking.

Tomorrowland comes out May 22.