Ben Affleck And Matt Damon To Produce New Syfy Series, INCORPORATED

Also, still buds, these two.

We’ve followed Ben Affleck’s love life (and by “we” I mean our small army of US Weekly readers) with great fervor, even going so far as to take his loves, mix their names with his name, and create bold new names for the world to enjoy.

But somewhere we lost track of Affleck’s most important relationship - his bromance with Matt Damon. Well, that appears to still be going strong. He and Damon are producing a futuristic science fiction series for Syfy. The show will be called Incorporated and will revolve around a guy who falsifies his way into a big corporation in order to save his wife. It’s the future, so corporations are not the cuddly beacons of hope for mankind that they are today.

The Good Wife’s Ted Humphrey will be showrunner. The Bad Wife's Tweed Dumpy will try to stop him at every turn. David and Àlex Pastor will write and direct the pilot. Here’s a nice statement from Afflamon:

Incorporated provides us distinct insight into a world dictated by our decisions today. Viewers will delve into the intricacies of our future, one that we are constantly warned of, but as a society have not yet explored. We believe this is an important and timely story to tell and can think of no one better to guide us into this than David, Alex and Ted.

So there you go. Keep your friends close, and someday you too might make a TV show on Syfy, home to pals everywhere.