Brian Grazer Claims More ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Is On The Way

A lot more.

This is one of those stories that probably should come equipped with its own grain of salt. Arrested Development executive producer Brian Grazer went on the Bill Simmons podcast (which is also a YouTube show that you can watch here) and announced the following:

I love Arrested Development. But it never — it was never a huge thing. But people are loyal to it, and we’re going to do another 17 episodes. So stay tuned for Arrested Development.

So not only a new season, but a whopping 17 episodes. That seems like a strangely big and specific number. It’s an ugly number. 17. That number always went to prom alone.

Everyone supposedly wants to come back to the show even though they all have crazy schedules which, if we’re being totally honest, is kind of what made the show’s weird fourth season such a chore to sit through (well, that and long episode running times). How they plan to overcome this hurdle for a new season is a mystery.

If they do it. Nothing has been announced by Mitch Hurwitz or Netflix, so for now this is a big maybe regardless of what Grazer claims.