MALLRATS 2 Is Coming Way Sooner Than You Thought

Which means CLERKS 3 is coming way later.

Kevin Smith was originally going to shoot Mallrats 2 in 2016, which gave us a couple years in which there was no such thing as Mallrats 2. First he was going to do Moose Jaws, Hit Somebody, and Clerks 3. Now, Mallrats 2 will be his next film. The bright side is this gives us a couple years in which there is no such thing as Clerks 3.

This all comes from one of Smiths Snotcasts, Hollywood Babble-On. In it he explains that a mall he can use and blow up just became available. Since explodable malls don’t just grow on trees, Smith decided to change his schedule to take advantage.

This might not come as a surprise since Smith’s been displaying new returning Mallrats cast members on social media on an almost daily basis. Pretty much everyone but Ben Affleck will come back. Like even the mall security guard and Trish the Dish are returning.

If you think this article is overly mean, keep in mind that I don’t like Kevin Smith very much. Although I did give Tusk a kind of decent review!

(via /Film)