Olivia Wilde To Rerezz For TRON 3

Which could be called TRON ASCENSION. 

Even though Tron Legacy was not very good and was received by the public with a collective shrug, Disney is - as we reported to you first in March - bringing Joseph Kosinski back for a Tron 3. We had heard that Garrett Hedlund was along for the ride, and now it's being reported that Olivia Wilde is back as well. You may recall (but let's be honest, probably will not remember at all) that the ending of Tron Legacy had Tron Jr and Olivia Wilde's character Quickbooks rezzing into the real world in what felt like the set up for a cheap TV show rather than a blockbuster sequel. Each week Kid Tron and Quickbooks travel the country, repairing computers and solving crimes/stopping evil developers from taking small family businesses!

If the film starts shooting this fall - as it is scheduled to do - it seems plausible that it might not be out until the year after next if they want a summer date (it could conceivably come out around Thanksgiving 2015, I guess). That means there's going to be about six years between films, which is still less than the massive decades-long gap between Tron and Tron Legacy

The next person the film needs to secure (and I'm sure they will) is Cillian Murphy, shoehorned into the last movie to be set up as a future villain. When the three leads are all lined up we'll be prepared to once again shrug at yet another soulless, weirdly uninteresting vision from the mind of Kosinski. 

By the way, a program became flesh in the last movie - if they don't call this one Tronsubstantiation they can fuck right off.