Jodorowsky’s Tune In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Burning Peacocks, Hot Chip and Æ in this week's music video roundup. 

Inessential for cult cinema enthusiasts is an introduction to the avant-garde guru’s kin of whom you may have already taken note after her supporting reveal in Blue Is the Warmest Color. Who knew she was also one half of the synth-drenched Parisian electro duo Burning Peacocks? For this particular offering she’s also assuming the position of director for the noir-heavy (in sight and sound) “Avril.” In it our leading lady flies solo on a trip to the theater alongside several disorderly patrons who’d indubitably be asked to leave any Alamo Drafthouse screening if they exist at all. Well, except for the thumb-warring senior citizens. I’d let them stay.

Watch Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor stuck in a temporal/time loop in the video for their subtle dance-y ditty “Need You Now” off their future album Why Make Sense? (set to hatch this May). Members of the London-based collective Shynola are at the helm of a wonderfully accidental time travel escapade evocative of such greats as Primer or even Timecrimes. And dark humor abounds as he attempts to abscond his former idiot self post-breakup over and over. It’s a close runner-up to my reigning favorite of theirs for “I Feel Better”.

Oslo-based director Thor Brenne recently joined forces with the Norwegian group Æ whose delightful diphthong name yielded zero results in terms of internet-oriented research. Furthermore, I realized a lighter side of the Norwegian music scene just isn’t in my wheelhouse. It’s more so in a desolate, snow-capped church on fire, am I right? I’ve digressed, but the plot of the video under consideration does hit close to home with the presence of a retired trucker from Texas and his engrossing connection to a trio of nihilistic goth Lolita types. Post-viewing I’m still dithering between confusion, laughter and gloom so I humbly apologize or you’re welcome.