POUND OF FLESH Gets A Badass New Trailer

JCVD’s going to give you a face-full of bible.

Right at the tail end of January, we were blessed with a most beautiful and awe-inspiring trailer for Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Who stole my kidney?” saga, Pound of Flesh. That trailer ended up disappearing, however, and the world lost a bit of its wonder.

Now it’s back! And in YouTube form! Actually, I can only go off memory here, but I believe this trailer is quite a bit different from the first one we saw. It still highlight’s the film’s biggest set piece - and by “set piece” I mean JCVD doing the splits - but it also has a lot more talking and focuses a little less on the whole bible-as-weapon thing.

This is obviously the film event of the year. Pound of Flesh comes out May 15. Be there.