Best DC Movie News Ever: Lord And Miller To Write The Story For THE FLASH

Now if we can just them to agree to direct...

What will the DC Movieverse look like outside of the Zack Snyder movies? I keep wanting to write about the increasing weirdness of Suicide Squad (and I will, when I get a chance), but the best news about how Warner Bros is approaching their shared superhero universe is the fact that Chris Miller and Phil Lord will be writing the story for The Flash. Whether they do more - the studio wants them to direct, it looks like - we'll see, but even going to these two means WB understands that The Flash has to be approached with a different tone than Batman or Superman. And considering that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* will continue the trend of these movies totally not getting Superman (it's a HUGE improvement over Man of Steel, but there are a couple of sequences that will make Superman fans roll their eyes very, very hard), Lord and Miller are even better than we should have hoped for.

The big question will be how the movie differentiates itself from the TV show. By the time The Flash hits theaters in 2018, The Flash will be in season four - and I bet the show actually does last that long. This is going to be the major question facing Warner Bros as they get closer to non-Batman and Superman films - how do they relate to/compete with other versions of these characters previously established and with sizeable fanbases? Heck, this could be such a bad idea that it might be yet another Lord & Miller miracle in the making. 

Whatever direction the duo go in, I trust it. There are not many names that fill me with as much confidence as Lord and Miller.

This news initially broke on the SchmoesKnow Meet The Movie Press show and was confirmed by Deadline.