Brad Bird Is Totally Getting To Work On THE INCREDIBLES 2

He currently has percolating ideas about the sequel. Or he's just making coffee.

When it comes to Brad Bird, we’re all so focused on Tomorrowland that we stopped worrying about whether or not there would be an Incredibles 2. It was a nice time. We were suddenly more innocent.

But now that time is over. In an interview with NPR, Bird claims to have the sequel “percolating,” specifically stating:

I’m just starting to write it, so we’ll see what happens.

This doesn’t mean a lot, but it does throw some gas on a fire that felt a little dead and forgotten. That’s actually not fair. Pixar apparently started really thinking about The Incredibles 2 a while ago. But now it looks like Brad Bird is actually involved.

Lets say Bird finishes the script. Let’s also say Bird ends up directing the film. Let’s go even further and picture a version of Pixar willing to debase itself with rampant sequels. If so, this still won’t be a movie we see until we have grandchildren, so don’t get too excited.

(via /Film)