The Digital Edition Of STAR WARS WILL NOT Make A Major Change

UPDATED: Greedo still shoots first.

UPDATE: Well gang, I got spoofed again. It looks like Greedo still shoots first in A New Hope, as confirmed by Garth Franklin of Dark Horizons who lives in Australia and thus in tomorrow. This is a bummer. I had a source confirm to me that there are tweaks, but I guess this isn't one of them! My apologies for any undue hope I caused. 


Tomorrow may be a bigger day than Star Wars fans had anticipated: the series is coming to digital distribution for the first time (iTunes, etc), which isn't that exciting, but if the reports I'm hearing are correct something exciting will be included in this release. The first Star Wars, aka A New Hope, will have a major change made to it, technically making this a new special edition. 

If my sources are correct - and we'll know in about 24 hours - Han will now shoot first in this edition of Star Wars. It's probably one of the most egregious changes made to the Original Trilogy (and a lot of those changes were egregious) and now, almost two decades after it was included in the Special Edition, it will be gone.

I've spoken to a number of people who have confirmed this, but I'm still a little wary - I've been spoofed hard on Star Wars stuff in the past. If it's true this is the first step towards the True Editions that we all really want to see released. Let's cross our fingers!