Ron Howard’s Quest For THE DARK TOWER Now Surpasses Roland’s: Project Lands At Sony

All things serve the beam, and this beam is a stubborn little sucker.

Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman, Brian Grazer and Erica Huggins have been trying to make a multi-format adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series for nigh on a decade, but news has been quiet on that front since Universal and Warner Bros both passed on the project. But today it's been announced that Sony's picking it up, which means that the quest for the Tower is on once again. 

Sony's teamed up with MRC to produce the fantasy western franchise, which will consist of multiple films and a complementary television series. Goldsman wrote a new script adapting the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, alongside Jeff Pinkner (FringeLOSTAlias and... The Amazing Spider-Man 2). According to THR: 

Insiders say the new script, which adapts the first book of the series, Gunslinger, has been totally reconceived by the duo from the version that had been previously developed.

From Sony chairman Tom Rothman:

There are few projects out there that compare with the scope, vision, complex characters and fully drawn world that Stephen King has created with The Dark Tower. I am a giant fan. And, as Stephen himself does, we love the direction that Akiva and Jeff have taken. This is a great opportunity for a director to put his or her stamp on a cool global franchise.

From Sai King himself: 

I’m excited that The Dark Tower is finally going to appear on the screen. Those who have traveled with Roland and his friends in their search for the Dark Tower are going to have their long-held hopes fully realized. This is a brilliant and creative approach to my books.

From me: news of this Dark Tower adaptation has been all over the place the past ten years, and rumored for much longer, so fans (I'm reminding myself here as much as anyone else) shouldn't spend too much energy getting excited or dismayed at the prospect. The sheer scale of this project makes studios gunshy, and though Sony and MRC sound like they're in it for good, it's probably best to wait until a director and cast are attached. Even better: wait until production starts. Actually, best to just wait until we see a trailer for the final movie. Then we'll know The Dark Tower really exists.