Kevin Feige: The State of The MCU Is Strong

And Spider-Man's place in it is strong as well. So stop worrying about contracts and deals and enjoy the ride.

Marvel Comics used to have this great series called Rom: Spaceknight. It was based on the Rom toy, but it expanded the world of that action figure in incredible ways, and Rom was a pretty cool hero who got involved with all kinds of cool Marvel superhero business. He was there, in continuity, even appearing in the early crossover comic Contest of the Champions. And then the Rom license went away, and the Marvel Universe was stuck with this weird corner full of alien planets and Dire Wraiths but no Rom. He just disappeared.

This is what I worry about with Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios and Sony have made an unprecedented deal allowing Sony to continue owning Spidey, but to allow him to be part of the MCU. But what if things change? Sony’s not letting go of Spidey any time soon - what if Spider-Man gets Rom’ed?

Today I spoke with Kevin Feige at the Avengers: Age of Ultron press junket and this was one of the first things I asked him about. His reply was reassuring:

For as forward thinking as we always try to be, there’s only so far you can tend to think, and our plan is fairly solid for those four or five years. I’ve never considered it in the Rom Spaceknight vernacular, necessarily..

So much of the anxiety at Marvel has been ‘Who do we have contracts with, who is still involved’? You want to plot out all these years of imagination based on amazing comics, but you need real people to make time in their lives to do, and to make career decisions to do it. That has been the hardest thing to manage… but for the first time, that’s all settled. It’s all settled through [2019]. It’s all set. And we’re able to focus now just on [telling stories].

It’s everything we announced last October, and we’ve added your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to the mix… and it’s all set.

“It’s all set.” I like hearing that - they have the plan mapped through 2019, and they have the players in place through then, including Spider-Man. And after that? Is Infinity War the end of the road? Is it a reboot?

Here’s what I know: the movies will continue. With whom and how? I’m not even thinking about it now.