Badass Podcast #45: DAREDEVIL And, Yes, FURIOUS 7

Phil and Evan finally comment upon Dom & Company’s latest adventure.

We unfortunately had to take last week off because both Phil and I are grown damn adults with real life stuff to do. That’s how it goes. Like my mom always said, sometimes you just don’t get a podcast, you little bastard.

But we’re back this week. And just because we missed the week when it was still pertinent, that doesn’t mean we’re going to skip out on discussing Furious 7. We would never dream of doing such a thing. Of course, this means tons of funny Lucas Black impressions. The people who think we're snotty class-holes should have a field day.

This weekend was also Marvel’s big Daredevil weekend. We talk a bit about that too. More me than Phil, I think, because I watched a lot more than he did. But we both have impressions and opinions. Do they line up with yours? Listen and find out!