LA: Join Devin, John Wesley Shipp And Mark Hamill And Celebrate THE FLASH!

A massive reunion of the original TV show, moderated by your Badass-in-chief.

You kids and your superhero shows today - you have no idea how lucky you are. Back in 1990 we just couldn't get our favorite heroes represented right, which is why the short-lived TV series The Flash was such a huge cultural moment for us (but sadly, not for the rest of the culture). The kind of interesting, canon-friendly storytelling we all take for granted was beyond exciting when it happened in The Flash - a show that wasn't afraid to get fun and weird with the speedster. 

Next weekend the Cinefamily in LA is hosting a 25th anniversary reunion of just about everybody ever involved in the show, including The Flash himself John Wesley Shipp and excellent villain Mark Hamill. Also along for the ride: some guy named me, who will be moderating this massive, enormous group - which, by the way, includes the legendary Howard Chaykin. Holy crap!

Here's the official description and full list of participants: 

Join us for an onstage chat with star John Wesley Shipp, along with producers/creators Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, co-stars Mark Hamill (“The Trickster”), Mike Genovese (“Lt. Warren Garfield”), Joyce Hyser (“Megan Lockhart”) and Vito D’Ambrosio (“Officer Tony Bellows”), director Bruce Bilson, writers Howard Chaykin and Gail Morgan Hickman, 1st AD/writer David Newman, suit designer Robert Short, and Arrow/Flash reboot producer Andrew Kriesberg, all moderated by Badass Digest lead scribe Devin Faraci — plus, we’ll screen selected Flash episodes for devotees and neophytes alike.

It's Saturday, April 25th at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now. With that line-up - they won't last! Click here to buy some