The Griswolds Are Back Together Again: First Photo From VACATION Revealed

Holy shit, Chevy Chase looks like my dad.

Here they are. The Griswolds 2.0. Somehow one of the Rusty Griswold grew up into Ed Helms and married Christina Applegate. They and their two kids (both boys, for some reason) are getting into a station wagon and hitting the road. I’m sure their trip will be fine.

Of course, the main stars of this photo are the stars of the original Vacation series, Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. It’s doubtful they’re in the film much, but they’re definitely in it long enough to take this photo. D’Angelo doesn’t look a day over thirty for some reason. Chase, meanwhile, is looking more and more like my dad.

Vacation, which is both a reboot and a sequel, opens July 31, 2015. Don't expect a Cousin Eddie cameo.