Blood, Sweat And Rears In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Young Fathers, Todd Terje, Method Man and AMY SCHUMER in this week's music video roundup. 

Young Fathers, a hip-hop trio out of Edinburgh, Scotland, have until now spent over a year soaring beneath my radar, winning the coveted Mercury Prize for their first studio album and continuously reinterpreting the genre with the release of a sophomore LP, White Men Are Black Men Too. Hey, that really isn’t news to any fan of Michael McDonald. The sometimes jarring, mostly intoxicating anatomy of the track “Shame” complements a Jeremy Cole-helmed sliver of cinema that takes a certain liberty with intertitles and the “c-word.” In it Joshua Hubbard, a modern dancer with a phantom hemorrhage and skeleton made of slinkies, takes it all home with an exorcise [sic] routine on the blacktop worthy of an encore.

I don’t want to tell you how long on a sustained loop I could watch the following hand-drawn cartoon for Norwegian maestro Todd Terje’s latest. In director Bendik Kaltenborn and animator Espen Friberg’s own words it was “made with love” and their lively, surreal aesthetic is also viewed with love (plus flashbacks to mild hallucinogen experimentation in high school). Speaking of high school, Terje’s first full-length album also showcases vocals courtesy of Roxy Music’s own Bryan Ferry for the earworm “Johnny & Mary”, a slowed cover of Robert Palmer’s number one hit (in Spain) circa the early eighties.

In an effort to cleanse the palette after a seriously weird music video week, I’d like to offer up a dream collaboration between Method Man and Amy Schumer and their cameo-heavy video for “Milk Milk Lemonade.” It’s a heavily scatological parody of pop culture’s colossal booty craze that culminates in the ruination of the human trunk so that it may no longer wield power over us all. This is an anthem for the old farts and the new ones.