New MAD MAX FURY ROAD Trailer Offers A Trip Down Memory Lane

Traffic Advisory: Memory Lane currently awash in dead bodies and flaming cars.

We're only 29 days away from the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, which means that the next month is probably going to be positively lousy with Mad Max promo materials. Nine times outta ten, that's a problem: pre-release marketing blitzkriegs are usually where the studio hype machine loses me. Interest becomes excitement, and - around about the time trailer #4 arrives - excitement becomes fatigue. This is not the case with Mad Max: Fury Road.

As BAD's de facto Mad Max correspondent, I am powerless against these trailers. I can't get enough of 'em. I will line up to suckle at the Fury Road hype-teat for the next 29 days, if they'll have me, and I'll do it with a big, dumb smile plastered across my stupid fanboy face. I admit this to you without shame.

This new trailer's notable for its inclusion of footage from the first three Mad Max films. All the money shots you know and love are accounted for (there's the Gyro Captain, swooping over the third-act chase in The Road Warrior; there's Max's family getting run down from the first film; there's our man Max laying waste to Master Blaster inside the Thunderdome*), and it all builds to some new footage from Fury Road. That swooping shot over Immortan Joe's convoy is particularly awesome, but then, so is everything else in this trailer.

29 days, folks. How will you pass the time?

* = While we're on the subject of Mad Maxes past: I revisited Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome over the weekend. The former shows no age. It's a nearly perfect film, every sequence as thrilling today as it was the first time I saw it. Thunderdome, on the other hand, has aged very poorly. I used to think I liked Thunderdome up until Max leaves Barter Town, but now even that's been called into question.