That was fast! Patty Jenkins steps in on the superhero movie.

There was much gnashing of teeth when Michelle MacLaren left Wonder Woman, and one industry pariah already sounding the sexism alarm. But it was obvious that WB had to find a female director, and I assured you all here and on Twitter that this was the case. Guess what? It is. 

Patty Jenkins, director of Monster, has stepped in to helm the movie. Jenkins was briefly on Thor: The Dark World, but those good old creative differences reared their head. For some reason Jenkins hasn't been able to get a movie going since Monster, which seems like a shame because that's a damn fine film. 

The speed with which WB swapped directors indicates they saw this coming; bringing on a female director who got bumped by Marvel feels like a finger in the eye. I like that. And I'm glad that WB is dedicated to having this be a female-led project. As the first female superhero film of the modern wave it's important that a woman helm, and what's more it's vital that women get more directing jobs in Hollywood, period. 

Now to see what happens with the film. I was telling you that one of the fights with MacLaren was about time period - Zack Snyder wanted the movie to be set in the Crimean War, while MacLaren wanted WWI. I'm curious how Steve Trevor, traditionally Wonder Woman's boyfriend, fits into this movie now - MacLaren wanted to make him very much a damsel in distress character, which would have been a fun reversal, but which apparently also made Steve seem so incompetent you wondered what Diana even saw in him. 

But now it's going to be a new take. Hopefully everybody is on board with a singular vision and Wonder Woman can finally, after so many years, get the movie she deserves.