An Army Of Funny Actors Join Nicolas Cage’s ARMY OF ONE

Not STAR WARS news.

You may remember news of a new Nicolas Cage movie called Army of One a satirical comedy directed by Borat’s Larry Charles in which Cage tries really hard to kill Osama Bin Laden. In other words, the best-sounding movie ever.

Now some other actors have joined the cast, and even though they won’t be members of Cage’s army - since he can be the only member by definition - they still sound interesting. Deadline reports that Russell Brand, Ken Marino, Paul Scheer, Rainn Wilson, and Denis O’Hare will be in the movie as well.

So this is definitely a comedy, certainly not the kind of funny movie that sneaks up on people. As soon as anyone sees Paul Scheer, they know they’re in laugh territory. Still, I hope it really sticks to the satirical side instead of being a goof-fest. Not that I don’t like goof-fests. I just want to see Cage be intense in a comedy rather than go full-on nutso in a purposefully humorous way.