Rejoice: Netflix’s WITH BOB AND DAVID Will Bring Back Most Of The MR. SHOW Cast

All hail Jay Johnston.

Well, it's official: original Mr. Show cast members Jay Johnston (YES), Paul F. Tompkins, John Ennis, Brian Posehn, Dino Stamatopolis and Mark Rivers are all onboard for Netflix's With Bob And David. This is great news for people with good taste in comedy!

To be fair, this development wasn't entirely unexpected (we've suspected this to be the case since January), but it's certainly nice to have it confirmed. Sort of a bummer that Tom Kenny and Jill Talley's names aren't on that list, but let's not look a gift Pit-Pat in the mouth: we're getting four new episodes of a show no one ever expected to return, plus an hour-long "making-of" documentary. And who knows? Maybe if With Bob And David does well, they'll produce more installments in the future.

Also worth noting: we now know a bit about the plot (well, "plot"). With Bob And David will apparently kick off with "David Cross" and "Bob Odenkirk" receiving a dishonorable discharge from the Navy SEALs. That'll probably serve as more of an inciting incident to the series than anything else, but whatever. That's more information about With Bob And David than I had twenty minutes ago, so I'm counting it as newsworthy.

With Bob And David will premiere at an as-yet-unannounced date sometime in the near-ish future (my guess: towards the end of this year). You can pass the time by falling down a Mr. Show hole on YouTube. I've embedded two of my favorite clips above and below to get you started. Feel free to post your own in the comments below.